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Family, 1974

And to wrap up 1974, here is the section that the family will have been dreading – the most interesting photos of them from the year.

We’ll start with Mother, looking surprisingly cool in her shades and the evening sun – she’s watching the Caswell Ladies Cricket Team.
Me at the Borough Show in Abington Park, tucking into a hot dog.
I think this is The Brother with my father on the dodgems.

One from London – cousin Chris, me and The Brother.
What’s that? The hair? Yes, I know – you have to remember it was the 1970s.
Me at Midsummer Meadows outdoor swimming pool. Those of you from Northampton who are old enough to remember it will probably have the same memories as me – that water was always bloody cold.
No idea where this was taken, but I’m guessing that the heat of the top that Mother had knitted got too much and I needed cooling down a bit…


During this period, my father was still going to the camera club, and there are quite a number of photos of young ladies who seem unable to keep all (and indeed sometimes any) of their clothes on.
This one is quite different, not least because it wasn’t that kind of photo session – I think she was a member of the theatre group.
 I think it’s rather a good picture – a bit unusual.


Whenever we stayed with my father’s parents in Yorkshire, we went to the beach at Hornsea. I don’t remember it ever being particularly warm – let’s face it, the North Sea isn’t known for it’s tropical temperatures.

And I’m so pleased to find this This is one of the machines they use for making rock – I remember being fascinated by the way it span!

Humber Bridge

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never seen the Humber Bridge complete. This is what the pylons looked like in 1974.

Abington Park, 1974

Some photos from Abington Park in the summer of 1974.

These were some giant inflatable wrestler things – I remember this because the smoke they used was bright orange and made me cough something rotten and feel quite ill.

Now either this lady’s jeans have some quite unfortunate detailing on them, or she’s got the worst VPL you’ve ever seen…

And I think this is just classic!

Raft Race 1974

More entertainment from the Raft Race in 1974, with more spectacularly unstable-looking devices barely staying afloat!

London 1974

These are from our usual summer trip to see my father’s sister’s family in London.

The first ones are from a Thames boat trip, featuring riverside London that’s completely changed over the last 40 years.

And these are from a trip up St Paul’s Cathedral. I remember one of these where we went up further than I’ve been on any other trip – right up to the top-most round windows just below the golden ball and cross, up some very steep (for a small child) metal steps.  No idea whether you can actually get that far nowadays.

Silverstone International Trophy 1974

Now, where were we?
What do you mean I last posted any pics in January? Ah well, I’ve been busy.

This selection comes from the Silverstone International Trophy in 1974 – my dad had presumably decided that we were now old enough for a bit of Formula 1, and we went to this event and a day of practice for the 1975 and 1977 British GP’s.
Of particular note is James Hunt racing for Hesketh. There are also appearances by Graham Hill with his own team, Henri Pescarolo who now owns a very successful sportscar (Le Mans) team, and the great Ronnie Peterson in the classic livery of the JPS Lotus.