Some more shots of the redevelopment of Northampton town centre.

I’m not 100% sure where this is – it looks like the top end of the Mayorhold car park?

This is obviously the top end of the Market Square, before the old Chron building was demolished to make way for the Grosvenor Centre.

And no real idea where this is – anyone got any suggestions?


    • Kath Wood

      Great to find this photo my Dad Harry Smith worked at this factory and we lived at no 7 Victoria Street

  • Barry

    The top photo is in Sheep Street opposite the Salvation Army Hall long since demolished and now open land facing Greyfriars Bus Station – itself pending demolition starting March 2014.

  • David

    The top photo is Hamp’s furniture shop. The were two Hamp brothers when I knew them. The younger one, Robert, had played years before for the Saints.
    Middle photo is construction of the Boots element of the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Centre. The 1930’s Chronicle & Echo was knocked down many years later for the construction of a new store for C&A.

  • The top one is the car park opposite the Salvation Army, that went on to be the West Indian club (knocked down after too many police raids et al). If I memory serves, the remaining building, in Sheep Street, opposite, went on to be the Kin Wa Chinese restaurant.

  • Heidi O'Donoghue

    Good evening, I hope this isn’t inappropriate. Before it’s demolition. My Dad used to own a dilapidated old garage that used to be a rather grand old Chapel, with balconies upstairs. It was on Commercial Street in the late 70’s early 80’s. Can’t find any old images or anything on Google. Can anyone be kind enough to help me? Kindest Regards Heidi

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