Welcome to the photography of John Hendy.

John was my father, and a keen amateur photographer for over 50 years. After he passed away very suddenly in November 2008, I decided to scan all of his photos and started work on this site. His archive amounts to 850 rolls of black and white film, 650 more of colour negative film and over 11,000 colour slides. Not forgetting a bit of digital. Fortunately he was very methodical about cataloguing everything and spent quite some time after he retired creating a database to log and describe all of the films and slides – something that has made my job a lot easier than it could have been.

I started posting occasional photos to a blog (see the link in the menu at the top), before I started this site to show various categories of images, and lots more of them. I’ve also set up a Facebook page.
The blog has generated a surprising amount of interest, leading to a dozen 1959 Le Mans images being used in a book and some pictures from King’s Road being been used on a Beatles-related website. Four of the King’s Road photos also appeared in a Proud Gallery exhibition about the 60s fashion designer Ossie Clark.
Various photos have also been mentioned on a number of other blogs and forums, and one person now living in Australia identified his wife in a 1950s “lovely ankles” competition, while someone else found a photo of his wife and her sisters.

Enjoy the site.

Simon Hendy

PS: If you’re interested, I have my own photography site over at www.shendy.co.uk.

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Change Log

March 2021 (2) – Added 20+ photos to the Delapre Abbey page, and added the Delapre gallery to the Miscellaneous Gardens album.
March 2021 (1)
– Added several sets of London photos – 1950s, 1960s, 1973 and  1975. Plus Shepherd Market May Fair 1956 and Soho Fair 1957.
February 2021
– Added an Austin-Healey gallery to the road cars section.
May 2020 (1)
– Added a road cars section.
April 2020 (3)
– Added a search page for the motorsport.
April 2020 (2) –
Added more gardens – some one-offs and two home gardens.
April 2020 (1)
– Added a new “Gardens” section to the main menu, with photos from Kew and Hidcote.
January 2019 (4) – Added photos from a holiday to Lyon in March 1991 to the France section.
January 2019 (3)
– Added photos from Beaulieu and the 1961 and 1962 Racing Car Show to the Other UK Events in the Motorsport section.
January 2019 (2) – A fair bit of new content, and a reorganisation.
The main sections are now

  • Motorsport – unchanged
  • UK – for all UK locations and holidays in the UK, split into Northampton, London, North, South, East and West
  • Overseas – for all foreign holidays, split into France, Europe and Venice, with Southern Med/Africa and Long-Haul still to come
  • JH’s Life – largely unchanged

I’ve added some more UK holidays, quite a few extra Early Life pieces, and have moved a few pieces from Early Life to UK. And we now have a Married section.

January 2019 (1) – Added several French and European holidays
December 2018 – Added some colour photos from Imperial College to the IC section.