Change Log

March 2021 (2) – Added 20+ photos to the Delapre Abbey page, and added the Delapre gallery to the Miscellaneous Gardens album.
March 2021 (1)
– Added several sets of London photos – 1950s, 1960s, 1973 and  1975. Plus Shepherd Market May Fair 1956 and Soho Fair 1957.
February 2021
– Added an Austin-Healey gallery to the road cars section.
May 2020 (1)
– Added a road cars section.
April 2020 (3)
– Added a search page for the motorsport.
April 2020 (2) –
Added more gardens – some one-offs and two home gardens.
April 2020 (1)
– Added a new “Gardens” section to the main menu, with photos from Kew and Hidcote.
January 2019 (4) – Added photos from a holiday to Lyon in March 1991 to the France section.
January 2019 (3)
– Added photos from Beaulieu and the 1961 and 1962 Racing Car Show to the Other UK Events in the Motorsport section.
January 2019 (2) – A fair bit of new content, and a reorganisation.
The main sections are now

  • Motorsport – unchanged
  • UK – for all UK locations and holidays in the UK, split into Northampton, London, North, South, East and West
  • Overseas – for all foreign holidays, split into France, Europe and Venice, with Southern Med/Africa and Long-Haul still to come
  • JH’s Life – largely unchanged

I’ve added some more UK holidays, quite a few extra Early Life pieces, and have moved a few pieces from Early Life to UK. And we now have a Married section.

January 2019 (1) – Added several French and European holidays
December 2018 – Added some colour photos from Imperial College to the IC section.