My father only ever worked at one place – he started for Plessey at the Allen Clarke Research Centre (at Caswell, just outside Towcester in Northamptonshire) in 1959 and stayed there until he retired in 1996 – by which time Plessey had been taken over by GEC.

I have had an email from someone who knew him:

John and I joined the same department at Caswell at almost the same time. We were in different groups so we did not have work in common – I knew him mainly from the teabreaks in the old building.
I have two main memories of him – one was the discussions about the previous night’s Goon show with John doing numerous funny impersonations, the other was when I thought a half full beaker of white crystals he was holding was sugar and turned out to be potassium cyanide, things were a bit casual in those days.