And they went back again in 1961. This time, they stopped off at the Rouen Sportscar Grand Prix on the way there – see the “Other European Races” section.

I particularly like the photos from above the pits, especially the sequence of photos showing the discovery of the leaking fuel tank in one of the Aston Martins, and the car’s eventual withdrawal.
My dad said that his main memory of the sounds at Le Mans wasn’t the engines – it was the tink tink noise of wheel nuts being hammered off.

For more information on the race, see also Wikipedia, or

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  • M. Sven

    Many thanks for sharing these superb pictures concerning a fantastic period !!
    I am also a kit builder (1/43 & 1/24) and your pictures are a splendid source for the details and the atmosphere of the fifties and sixties.

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