And to wrap up 1974, here is the section that the family will have been dreading – the most interesting photos of them from the year.

We’ll start with Mother, looking surprisingly cool in her shades and the evening sun – she’s watching the Caswell Ladies Cricket Team.
Me at the Borough Show in Abington Park, tucking into a hot dog.
I think this is The Brother with my father on the dodgems.

One from London – cousin Chris, me and The Brother.
What’s that? The hair? Yes, I know – you have to remember it was the 1970s.
Me at Midsummer Meadows outdoor swimming pool. Those of you from Northampton who are old enough to remember it will probably have the same memories as me – that water was always bloody cold.
No idea where this was taken, but I’m guessing that the heat of the top that Mother had knitted got too much and I needed cooling down a bit…

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  • Richard Larsen

    Hi Simon! I followed a link on Northampton Past to this blog about your dad John. What a wonderful thing you have put together here, a fitting tribute to a smashing chap. I worked with John at Caswell back in the 70’s and we became good friends. I was sorry to learn of his death a few years ago, he always seemed so full of bounce! Of course both your mum and dad got me hooked into The Masque Theatre where I played around with sound effects and lighting circuits, the highlight of the year being the show in the park! I can still hear those blasted peacocks! I hope you will stick around on the Northampton Past site, there are a lot of old buffers, like me, but there are some great old pictures of how the town used to be and tales of how us old Northamptonians lived and played…..mostly played!
    Regards to your mum, Richard

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