These are from our usual summer trip to see my father’s sister’s family in London.

The first ones are from a Thames boat trip, featuring riverside London that’s completely changed over the last 40 years.

And these are from a trip up St Paul’s Cathedral. I remember one of these where we went up further than I’ve been on any other trip – right up to the top-most round windows just below the golden ball and cross, up some very steep (for a small child) metal steps.  No idea whether you can actually get that far nowadays.

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  • Ian Reynolds

    Hi, these are great photos which remind me of my own childhood. I too climbed right to the top of St Pauls in the late 70’s. I was fascinated with the building as a child and visited it with a friend. We somehow got to the golden gallery which I’ve never got to since. We were also the first visitors that day and got to use the whispering gallery to its full effect. Thanks for the memories.

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