Whenever we stayed with my father’s parents in Yorkshire, we went to the beach at Hornsea. I don’t remember it ever being particularly warm – let’s face it, the North Sea isn’t known for it’s tropical temperatures.

And I’m so pleased to find this This is one of the machines they use for making rock – I remember being fascinated by the way it span!

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  • Hi Simon,

    Congratulations on a great website. I found you while looking for some racing photos from 1960 and was delighted to find a shot of a Yimkin. My father owned one in the 1970s and I’m in the middle of researching and restoring one. To my knowledge there is only one other still on its wheels.

    Taking a brief look at your catalogue I’m delighted to also see you earned your cold water swimming badge at Hornsea. We have similar family photos. My grandparents owned a holiday home on Chambers Lane near the Mere which passed to my mum. We still go!

    Do you have any more info on the Yimkin photo? The date, driver or circuit?

    If not I may be able to help as I’m in touch with the designer and a couple of drivers. Either way I’d love to add the photo to my site and link back to you.

    Bravo to you and your father. You’ve made my evening. So thanks for that!

    Best, Alastair Cox

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