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Abington Park 1976

Some shots from Abington Park in the summer of ’76

The wonderful Gallone’s ice cream vans, still there to this day. Is the ice cream as good as it was?

The council obviously had more money than it does now, and there were various entertainments put on in the park during the summer – these are some Belgian flag wavers and a Scottish band with a drum major (or perhaps minor judging by the size of her).

These are the Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band – I know the name, but really don’t know much about them apart from the fact that they came from Northampton, were a folk group and were named after a Northampton beer. Very hard to find out anything about them on t’interweb.

And one of me, probably eating a Gallone’s. And yes, the top is home-knitted.

Me, 1975

And to wrap up 1975, some pics of me.

I simply cannot understand why my modelling career never took off.

From the Masque thing at Easton Neston. I don’t know why I’m in costume as I don’t recall being in the play. And yes, those are tights.

Another home-knitted jumper there I suspect, plus my favourite very 70s tracksuit.


A selection of pics from Northampton in 1973

One of the stalls on the Market Square

Traffic chaos at the old Banbury Lane level crossing – now replaced by a bridge. We used to go out there and watch the trains fairly often. For many years I thought there were no trains on Sundays because that’s what my parents told me – presumably so I wouldn’t bug them to go out there on Sundays as well…

Not the sort of thing you stumble across in a field too often…

Some from the Borough Show in Abington Park.

The building work in the Town Centre continues, with the public still not suspecting how awful it’s going to be.

A summer evening at the pub – the Britannia on the Bedford Road.

One from the front garden at home, showing the cherry(?) tree in blossom – it just *look* 1970s doesn’t it?

And one final one – dear god what the hell are those trousers??? Putting a 5-year old boy in those nowadays would probably constitute child abuse. Especially with red sandals. Home-knit jumper by the looks of it.


It seems like we didn’t spend much time at home that summer – trips up north, London and also a few days in Boulogne. The first trip abroad for me and The Brother.

I just love the one of the grandmother paddling – probably a Sunday? I also like the shot of the beach with what looks like a steelworks in the background!

London, August 1973

We obviously spent a few days with my dad’s sister in London.
These three are from the Imperial War Museum

This one is a Barbara Hepworth piece called Two Forms (Divided Circle) – it was stolen from Dulwich Park in December last year, presumed to have been sold for scrap value.

Summer 1973

Pics from our summer holiday in 1973 – a trip up north, which will have been to stay with my father’s parents near Hull. We went a bit further north, as well.

The Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough – to be honest, until I saw this I never knew I’d been there.

A couple for any Dr Who fans out there – an exhibition in Stockton-on-Tees. Not sure whether they supplied a sofa to hide behind.

One of me and the Brother with our father – no idea where we are!

A great piece of 1970s fashion sir!

Skidby Mill near hull – I remember going there several times – pretty sure it was a functioning mill. Ah yes, a quick google and here it is.

These last two show a fairly uninspiring set of workings and a bloody great hole in the ground. This building site became the Humber Bridge – there are some more pics to come from 1974, but I’ve never seen the bridge complete.

“The Bittern” at Cottingham Station.

Northampton Early 1973

What a vibrant, exciting place Northampton must have been in early 1973…
Who am I trying to kid – it was the early 70s! Anyway, there was a lot of building work going on in the town, with the old Chronicle and Echo building being demolished and replaced by that modern invention – a shopping mall. And we ended up with the Grosvenor Centre, attached to a bus station of such monstrosity that in 2005 Channel 4’s “Demolition” programme shortlisted it for the worst building in Britain – beaten out only by such excrescences as Cumbernauld Town Centre in Scotland. Then there was the construction of the multi-storey Mayorhold car park, and the modern looking Saxon Inn hotel. And I almost forgot the Carlsberg brewery! I always understood there had been a fire while building it, but I did some googling to find out more. The modern brewery is on the site of the old Phipps one – they were bought out by Watneys, who were then taken over by Grand Met who planned to build a modern new brewery on the site, but a “mysterious arson attack” destroyed the (listed) Victorian frontage, opening the way for a complete rebuild.

But hey, I’m sure everyone was looking forward to the exciting new world in 1973.

I actually remember this – they drained and dredged the bottom lake in Abington Park – great fun for small children!

Last 1972

As we move into 2012, here are the last photos from 1972.

These first ones are from the Caswell Christmas Party – Plessey put on a children’s party each year, something I remember fondly. And yes, that’s me with Santa. Remember that this is 1972 and they’ve got a video camera – you can tell it was a technology research centre!

These others are from the family Christmas in Rugby – to be honest, I can’t remember this or who the relatives there were – it’s obviously my father’s side of the family as we’re with his parents but other than that, no idea. I know the front row apart from the gentleman on the left, but don’t recognise the back row at all. I expect Mother and/or Auntie Susan will be able to shed some light on who they are.