Some shots from Abington Park in the summer of ’76

The wonderful Gallone’s ice cream vans, still there to this day. Is the ice cream as good as it was?

The council obviously had more money than it does now, and there were various entertainments put on in the park during the summer – these are some Belgian flag wavers and a Scottish band with a drum major (or perhaps minor judging by the size of her).

These are the Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band – I know the name, but really don’t know much about them apart from the fact that they came from Northampton, were a folk group and were named after a Northampton beer. Very hard to find out anything about them on t’interweb.

And one of me, probably eating a Gallone’s. And yes, the top is home-knitted.


  • Curtis Johnson

    the ice cream van is still there, the band you have featured in Abington park has Tom Hall and Di Hall his wife in their first band, Sadly Tom died 9 years ago and some of the people who ,played in his band from time time and some of his friends are recording a tribute CD featuring their versions of some of his songs. I would very much like to include your photos in the cd booklet with your permission, when the CD is pressed I will send you a copy. If you want to know more about Tom there is a facebook page at
    Great photos and cheers for putting them up

  • Andy Beardsmore

    Tom Hall was the singer with the Celebrated Ratcliffe Stout Band. He was quite a local celeb around town. He used to go to the Old Black loin in Giles St,He was a big drinker if I remember correctly. Sadly he’s no longer with us.

  • Nicholas wood

    Hi everybody . I’m nick wood . The son of
    Brian wood . He took the photos for there
    Second album
    . I remember Tom and dianne quite well . But I only ten years old at the time . In 1976 . Tom and Brian met at the black lion pub .
    Now living denver co usa . Thanks nick

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