I’d previously posted pics of the family holiday to France in 1983, but I’m re-doing it now as there are more photos.
We went back to Benodet for a week, and had a week at an inland site at Belle Isle en terre (somewhere in Brittany).

We have a couple of good entries for the Fat Frenchman collection, as well as a particularly good Englishman on holiday (chinstrap beard, budgie smugglers, and there may even have been sandals)

The final shot, of “La Guitoune” in Roscoff, is in commemoration of what has gone down in family lore as the worst meal ever. We had hardly any money left and it was cheap – and wasn’t worth the money. I seem to recall it being badly cooked (semi-raw fried eggs, that sort of thing). I believe we may not even have left a tip!

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