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Northampton 1978

A few from around Northampton in 1978 – the Fish Market, Market Square, from the top of the Grosvenor Centre again, and on the canals.

Northampton 1976

The long, hot summer of 1976 – sat here writing this in the wet, crappy summer of 2012.

This is The Brother on a slide at Midsummer Meadow pool, about to plunge through the ice into the frigid waters. OK, I exaggerate – but not much. Mind you ’76 was so hot that they might not have had to employ the ice breakers that year.

And a couple of candids from the Market Square

More Northampton Rebuilding, 1974

Some more shots of the redevelopment of Northampton town centre.

I’m not 100% sure where this is – it looks like the top end of the Mayorhold car park?

This is obviously the top end of the Market Square, before the old Chron building was demolished to make way for the Grosvenor Centre.

And no real idea where this is – anyone got any suggestions?


A selection of pics from Northampton in 1973

One of the stalls on the Market Square

Traffic chaos at the old Banbury Lane level crossing – now replaced by a bridge. We used to go out there and watch the trains fairly often. For many years I thought there were no trains on Sundays because that’s what my parents told me – presumably so I wouldn’t bug them to go out there on Sundays as well…

Not the sort of thing you stumble across in a field too often…

Some from the Borough Show in Abington Park.

The building work in the Town Centre continues, with the public still not suspecting how awful it’s going to be.

A summer evening at the pub – the Britannia on the Bedford Road.

One from the front garden at home, showing the cherry(?) tree in blossom – it just *look* 1970s doesn’t it?

And one final one – dear god what the hell are those trousers??? Putting a 5-year old boy in those nowadays would probably constitute child abuse. Especially with red sandals. Home-knit jumper by the looks of it.