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Christmas Shopping

Having been watching the series about Liberty, I remembered that my dad took some photos of shop windows in London – so here is a small selection of seasonal shopping snaps from 1957 and 1964.

Last 1972

As we move into 2012, here are the last photos from 1972.

These first ones are from the Caswell Christmas Party – Plessey put on a children’s party each year, something I remember fondly. And yes, that’s me with Santa. Remember that this is 1972 and they’ve got a video camera – you can tell it was a technology research centre!

These others are from the family Christmas in Rugby – to be honest, I can’t remember this or who the relatives there were – it’s obviously my father’s side of the family as we’re with his parents but other than that, no idea. I know the front row apart from the gentleman on the left, but don’t recognise the back row at all. I expect Mother and/or Auntie Susan will be able to shed some light on who they are.

Christmas 1964

Photos from the two sides of the family at Christmas 1964:
My father’s father unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

Mother’s family – Mother and her sister (more of whom shortly)
This is Mother’s father – there aren’t many photos of her family, so it’s good to find the ones that my dad took of them. He never met SWMBO, missing her by only a couple of years, but the general view is that he would have liked her.
And this is her mother (on the left) – there will be even fewer of her, as she died in the early 1970’s – I only have a vague recollection of her.

Dad carving the turkey

As it’s the festive season, and seeing as this is one of the first colour photos, I thought it was appropriate.
Looking at the size of that turkey, I start to wonder whether the 18.5lb specimen that we had this year was a little on the large side. There were 4 of us…

"The Spread"

December 1957 at Arborfield, and what is presumably the Barracks’ formal Christmas dinner – is Barracks the right term? It looks quite an interesting spread, although there’s always you don’t know how much of it is something you might associate with 1950’s military cuisine shaped and dressed up as something nice…