200 up!

I have now finished the first four boxes of black & white films, so that's 200 done. OK, I've skipped a chunk that are photos of Masque Theatre productions, but that's still quite a lot to have got done in the last year.It seems to me that there have been three phases so far. Phase 1 was "student". The second was "petrolhead", and we're now moving into the third - "family"If there's anyone out there, I hope you've been enjoying it as much as I have.More to follow as and when they're scanned.Simon...
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An interlude

I've just been flicking through some of my dad's recipe folders, scanning a few (well, quite a lot actually) that look interesting - and found this in the middle of it.No prizes for anyone who manages to decipher it, but about all I can make out at first glance is "OH YES" against the 5th one.He should have been a doctor - he had the handwriting for it......
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An update

That brings us to the end of the first box of 50 black & white films, which takes us to 1958 and basically the end of the student and National Service period.I've brought home about half of his slides, so I'm currently having a detour into some 1950s colour. I shall be posting some of those in the near future, before a return to the second box of black and white....
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