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More updates

I’ve had a reasonably productive week, and have put a lot of new photos up on the main website:


Some time travel experimentation

I had an email the other day from a chap called Paul Campbell, who had been looking at the King’s Road photos and had bit of a play with Google Street View – and look what he came up with.
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 20.43.50 Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 11.31.18I’ve seen this sort of thing done before with things like wartime scenes, but these are really cool.

Thank you Paul, and do please let me know if you do any more and I’ll happily share them.


A few months ago I was contacted by the Proud Gallery in Chelsea to ask if they could use some of my dad’s photos in an upcoming exhibition based around Ossie Clark, the 1960’s fashion designer.

I am very pleased to say that from the 21st February to the 10th March, Proud Chelsea will be hosting “Ossie Clark: The King of the King’s Road Reigns Again”, featuring four of my dad’s photos. He would have been thrilled / stunned / gobsmacked to know that some of his pictures are being exhibited alongside the likes of Norman Parkinson’s, someone whose work he most definitely knew and liked.
There’s also a bit about it in Time Out.

The pictures are being made available to buy in a limited edition of 25 each – these are only available via the gallery.

A new website

The sections of this blog with the motorsport, King’s Road and Northampton photos are now being moved over to their permanent home at and eventually they will be deleted from here. There’s even more motorsport and over time there will be lots more photos of all sorts of things.

This blog will continue, where I’ll post interesting photos as I find them.

Black and White – done!

Feeling a bit emotional…
I have actually finished scanning all of the black and white negatives – 20,254 frames from 1954 to 2005, in a process that has taken a few days under 3 years.
This is the last image, taken in Lyon in 2005.

I’m only actually half way through the entire scanning job, but the rest of it is in colour – negative and slides.

Special credit to the Epson V700 scanner which is still going strong, but will now probably fail tomorrow as I’ve said that. I’ve had to buy a new negative holder as the existing one is starting to crack, but it’s done very well!

Lots of visitors

Just to say hello and thanks to all the visitors over the last week or so – I put Google Analytics on the site and I’ve noticed that visitors have gone from single-digits per day to 30 or 40, sometimes 50, then 70, and 150 on Sunday!

There are several reasons – images appeared in the latest copy of Practical Classics magazine and TR Register (Triumph owners), The Brother posted a link on a site he frequents and there have been a decent number from the Miss Peelpants blog (a lady who runs a vintage clothing store).
But a huge number of hits have come from Facebook. Unfortunately I can’t tell who has posted on there, but whoever it is has been responsible for nearly 25% of all visits. If it’s you, I’d love to know what you’ve posted and what comments you’ve got.

New scanning is on hold for a bit while I’m busy with work, but I have got some 1974 pics to post when I get round to it.



Bentley website

A new website has just gone live, featuring the John Lennon Bentley that my dad photographed on King’s Road in the late 1960s (see previous post). Rather than just focus on the car, the site also looks into the Swinging 60’s scene, and rather wonderfully it features a few of my dad’s photos. Take a look at, and my dad’s pics are in “The Place” and “The Time” sections, including the B&W shots of the car.

Thanks to Tanner and Marshall at the Slaughter Group in Birmingham, Alabama for finding the photos on Google and getting in touch.


My father is now a published photographer.
Back in March I got an email out of the blue from someone asking whether I’d be interested in publishing some of my dad’s 1959 Le Mans photos in a book. Ha ha, very funny I thought. Then I googled the chap’s name – Quentin Spurring. It turns out he’s a motorsport author who has published books like “Le Mans 24 Hours: The Official History of the World’s Greatest Motor Race 1960-69” and 1970-79, and I realised that this was a serious query and he must be doing the 1950-59 version.

I didn’t take long to decide that yes, I’d be happy for his images to appear! To cut a long story short, The Official History 1949-59 has just been published and I received a complimentary copy today. It’s lovely, and the 9 of my dad’s photos have come out beautifully – including one on the back cover, one as a two-page spread as the title page for the 1959 race and another on a full page.

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?