Just to say hello and thanks to all the visitors over the last week or so – I put Google Analytics on the site and I’ve noticed that visitors have gone from single-digits per day to 30 or 40, sometimes 50, then 70, and 150 on Sunday!

There are several reasons – images appeared in the latest copy of Practical Classics magazine and TR Register (Triumph owners), The Brother posted a link on a site he frequents and there have been a decent number from the Miss Peelpants blog (a lady who runs a vintage clothing store).
But a huge number of hits have come from Facebook. Unfortunately I can’t tell who has posted on there, but whoever it is has been responsible for nearly 25% of all visits. If it’s you, I’d love to know what you’ve posted and what comments you’ve got.

New scanning is on hold for a bit while I’m busy with work, but I have got some 1974 pics to post when I get round to it.



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