Beckets Park

Starting off 1973, pretty much all of which is from the summer.
These two sets are both from Beckets Park in Northampton.

First up, the raft race in May ’73 – was it organised by the Rotary Club? Seems to ring a bell. Anyway, first up are the Friends of the Earth – presumably thought of as a bunch of hippies back then, before they became so much more mainstream. The second pic appears to include the Mayor, in a suit, complete with chain, sat on a raft. The third one is the Nene Valley Mountain Rescue crew – presumably not a particularly busy organisation, given the lack of hillage in the area. I’m impressed by the last one – they seem to have built quite a good double scull!

The second batch are from a boat rally in August. I do like the barge that’s been converted into a replica battleship, and look at the size of the crowd!

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