Starting off 1973, pretty much all of which is from the summer.
These two sets are both from Beckets Park in Northampton.

First up, the raft race in May ’73 – was it organised by the Rotary Club? Seems to ring a bell. Anyway, first up are the Friends of the Earth – presumably thought of as a bunch of hippies back then, before they became so much more mainstream. The second pic appears to include the Mayor, in a suit, complete with chain, sat on a raft. The third one is the Nene Valley Mountain Rescue crew – presumably not a particularly busy organisation, given the lack of hillage in the area. I’m impressed by the last one – they seem to have built quite a good double scull!

The second batch are from a boat rally in August. I do like the barge that’s been converted into a replica battleship, and look at the size of the crowd!

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