• Garcia

    Thank you for these photos. It reminds me that In 1968 I had a stay in London for 2 months. I was living in the French Sister’s hostel in the Boltoms located between South Kensington and King’s road. I did appreciate my stay. Unfortunately I could not get any photo. I wish someone who knew this hostel could share some information about it.
    Thank you

  • Francis Tibbles

    The Kings Road just as I remember! I was 19 in July 68, but, although I only lived not far away in Ebury Bridge Road, it was during the football season when we went down the KR, on the way to watch Chelsea every home game!

  • Eddie O'Brien

    I was 18 in 1968 and was brought up in Chelsea, before school and on Saturdays I used to work at beatons the bakers and Safeway on the kings road. Met my wife there and we lived on Ebury bridge estate for a while

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