The now demolished Fish Market, at the top of the Drapery.


  • Sarah Price

    Great memories. Sadly it is not just the town centre. The roads and pavements in surrounding areas are covered in fly tipping and general rubbish.

  • Chrissie O'Connor

    It used to be a thriving town loved going into the market and great variety of shops haven’t been in for years wonder when they will they will knock the church down nothing else left For them they love knocking buildings down of any interest

  • Loraine Mercury

    Brings back Happy Childhood memories, absolutely Loved it as there was so much going on. When you consider the Northampton is one of the first Markets to be given a Royal Charter & when my Parents & I moved here in August 1964, you could buy everything in the Market, including Furniture! It was always a pleasure to come into Town & have a look in the Market – what an interesting place to find superb Bargains, including a couple of lovely Secondhand Jewellery Stalls – amazing prices, they were my favourite ‘haunts’

    Now, it is no longer the Market of my youth, it has plummeted in the last 20 years. Northampton has had its’ Heart ripped out (a lot due to Rushden Lakes, which in my opinion is nothing ‘Special’) Now, there are so few Shops there that it is a waste of time going into the Town Centre. The Council are so incompetent – there needs to be Stores in the Town Centre to attract People to visit.

  • K. Lane

    The fish market was great. Where as the bus station is not very good. They should have rebuilt Greyfriars bus station on its original site

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