A fairly regular part of my childhood was going out to the level crossing at Banbury Lane (now replaced by a bridge). I thought for many years that trains simply didn’t run on Sundays – my parents told me this to stop me asking to be taken there more often!


  • John Clayson

    Thanks for these photos of Banbury Lane Crossing. One of my Dad’s earliest memories was of being taken by his grandad from Northampton to this spot to watch the trains. They travelled by bike with him on a small seat fixed to the crossbar. Dad was born in 1916, so this would be the early 1920s.

  • Keith Clark

    Love the photos of Banbury crossing. I used to cycle out there in the 1950’s. Brings back many happy memories.


    I remember travelling via Banbury Lane before the level crossing was decommissioned in favour of a road bridge because of heavy rail traffic and heavy road traffic.

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