1963 saw an end to the motorsport-based holidays – although getting married might be considered adequate compensation for that. Following their wedding in the spring of 1963, my parents’ honeymoon was a June tour round several bits of France in an MG. Quite a trip by the look of it – the Alps, Lake Annecy, the Palais Ideal in Hauterives and some Chateaux in the Loire valley.

My parents have told us about one of the hotels they stayed in – they were first (and, I think, only) guests on what turned out to be the owners’ first night – copious bottles of wine followed, plus some of the local Chartreuse liqueur!
We went back to La Grave as a family in the summer of 2008, for my 40th birthday – the first time my parents had been back there since then. We think we identified their hotel – unfortunately replaced with a modern building and also closed down.

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