This August 1988 holiday was a bit different as my parents went back to Club Med for the first time since they went to Sicily in 1964. Sveti Marko is now in Montenegro, but at the time Yugoslavia was quite an exotic destination, being a Communist country behind the Iron Curtain.

All of the main Club Med features are here – their classic (and basic) straw huts, sports activities, evening cocktails, all-inclusive meals, and the evening entertainment.
It wouldn’t be the last time they went with Club Med – they eventually racked up over 25 holidays with them.

The resort was abandoned in 1991 – see images from a 2012 visit by a group of urban explorers here.

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  • Schulz

    Oh wie schön. Da hab ich meinen Club med Segelschein gemacht. Es war so cool, damals Cluburlaub und alle hatten uns für verrückt erklärt. In den Jahren soo einen Urlaub zu machen. Wir waren zwischen 1988 und 1990.
    (Translation, via Google Translate: “Oh how nice. That’s where I got my Club med sailing license. It was so cool back then when we were on a club holiday and everyone thought we were crazy. In the years soo to take a vacation. We were between 1988 and 1990.”

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