• Terry Farebrother

    Hello there, I can help you with identifying a car here. MPG 503 is an Aston Martin, chassis no.1941, which dates from the early-mid 1920s. It is a fine example of the very early Astons and is still owned and loved today. Your father took it in the paddock, it looks as if it wasn’t competing and its driver had a thick flying helmet on! The bottom left photo is one of this car, the other is higher up, side on and moving through the paddock. There were several Astons competing that day but your Dad was obviously fascinated by the Bugattis! By the way, this was the VSCC meeting on April 19th 1975 at Silverstone. Hope that helps a bit.

  • Allen Williams

    The “unknown car” no 5 in the first column is the same BMW as no 1 in that column.

    For some time in the 50s, the British car company Bristol made copies of BMW cars under licence, so identification is not always easy. Only BMWs had the circular BMW “propellor” badge above the characteristic split radiator grille. Bristols had the same grille, but their own badge. The BMW badge is supposed to represent a rotating aircraft propellor looked at head-on owing to the firm’s origin as an aero engine manufacturer.

  • Allen Williams

    no 5 in column 2 labelled Frazer-Nash is, more correctly, a Frazer-Nash BMW, a BMW car assembled in Britain under licence. This practice continued from 1934 until the agreement lapsed (for obvious reasons) in 1939. The badge actually says Frazer-Nash BMW around the BMW propellor if you look carefully.

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