I really like the colour photos in this section – close-up shots of the cars in Scrutineering, particularly the Ferrari #14 and the line of cars. It also shows just how close they were able to get to the superstar drivers of the day – Stirling Moss is in there.


  • simon

    Found this/ you from the British Naturist site…..for the 1st time I am off to Le Mans next year in2016. rs time. Hopefully my pictures will be as inspiring in 50 years time. Simon xx

  • Graham Mountford

    What a lovely collection of Le Mans photos.
    If I was lucky enough to be there at the time these would probably be exactly what I would have taken.
    One thing you are possibly already aware of is the 1959 #8 you have captioned as a D Type. It is the Tojerio Jaguar.
    Kind regards

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