• Keith Hart

    Mr. Hendy,
    I’m almost in tears whilst typing this email to you. I just love your father’s photographs. I was at Silverstone also on that practice day, I even recognise the drying rain patches on the tarmac. I was 20 years old at the time driving a Ford Prefect and living in Coventry. Although the quality of your pictures is far superior to mine I do have photos of cars and people to match yours; it’s remarkable.
    I do believe two of your unknown drivers are indeed Mr Stirling Moss and
    Mr Jack Brabham. If you would like me to forward my pictures to you for curiosities sake, it would be a pleasure. I believe I’ve still got the programme somewhere also.
    Thank you once again for publishing your photo’s.

    Keith Hart.
    ps. I can’t see myself in the pictures but I wouldn’t have been far away.

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