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  • Van der Linden Didier

    Hi, I have seen the photo of the Gilby Climax. Was your dad the dirver of that car? I have seen the car 2 years ago in a terrible condition… I was very much interested in the Gilby, but it is really too small for people of today. A person of 1.75 m will have his head fully exposed in this car. Sad. I own the Vixen GT , made by UK formula pilot Ian Stronach. Ian was 1.86 m , just like me. It is a very small car with a big V8 but once inside it is very comfortable. Please, have a look on Google; Vixen GT 1964
    Still , I am interested in the Gilby Climax, because Len Terry made it and it was a very competitive car.
    Kind regards,

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