The other part of the site that has got the most attention is the sets of photos from Kings Road in Chelsea, taken between 1967 and 1975 -a time of such fantastic changes in the fashion scene – swinging 60s through to the less renowned 70s.BW_E025_23 BW_L028_14

However bad the 70s fashions got, it’s still a great record of what real people were wearing.

The one shot that always catches my eye is this one.

The first thing I thought was “Bay City Rollers”, and you’d be so wrong. They hit it big in 1974-75-76, while this photo was taken in July 1973. Far from being trend-setters, they were a good 2 years behind the fashion.

Unfortunately there is nothing remotely like this to add to the “People” section – it’s basically the only street photography my dad ever did – and I’m not quite sure what else to add.

The obvious additions is a “Family” section – the big advantage of having all of his photos is that I am in control of all of the embarrassing ones! I could have great fun with this!
T_A029_17 T_A051_01

There is perhaps the “Fat Frenchman” collection from the family holidays in the early 80s or quite a lot of bikini-clad young ladies from those same holidays.

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