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    What great photos.Very few have appeared from those heady times [69 to 78].I worked there from 69 untill 81 managing stores like The Squire Shop,The Village Gate,Cassidy and Thackerays .A road that was the centre of influence for all types of people from all over the UK for fashion and music .Really needs a good book writen for this time

  • Charles Smith

    Wonderful photos
    I worked at Quincys in Brewer street 1969 – 71
    Anyone remember that shop. Was in Shepherds Market as well

  • Antonio guttilla

    Hi worked @the village gate in 1978 in Kensington fantastic days and Oxford street 👍👍

  • Max Zyta

    I worked at the Squire shop and the Village Gate shop in the early to mid 70s. Phillip Start was the manager at the Squire shop, and a guy called Richard Young worked there at the time, he became a very good photographer to celebs

  • Peter

    I was the manager of the Squire Shop
    Philip Start trained me.
    Then Village Gate Oxford St.
    remember Neville and Agi the tailors upstairs.
    Peter Collins xxxx

    • Greg

      Hi Peter, I remember you well. Clogs with suits. You were manager at Croydon aswell, great days.
      Regards Greg

    • paxo

      I don’t remember their names but I think the older one was I think a Jewish guy & the younger one was black or halfcast but both very friendly & helpful

  • Martin

    Hi Antonio did you have a very Camp friend named Gordon? if so I think I knew you at ” Sidney Smith”

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