I must admit that I thought for a while about publishing these. They were taken in September 1970 at the school my aunt taught at – I showed her some of them last weekend, and I think she said it was in East London. It was over 40 years ago, but she remembered plenty of them – names and what they were like.
I was unsure about showing them as they’re not family, but I think they’re really good documentary portraits.

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  • donna harwood

    I was wondering what the name of the school was/is in your pictures of the playgroup..kids?

    Do you know if your dad took any other pictures of Portobello road and or Ladbroke grove/notting hill area?

    Also have you ever thought of creating a book with your dads kings road pictures?
    They are the realest depiction of fashion i have seen. It is as if you are transported back in time, on a bench and people watching…brilliant!!!!

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