I suspect that the reason for the major holiday in 1964 is explained in these photos – offspring #1, born in November 1965
This is the very first photo of him.
Four generations
I love this one – considering he’s only a few weeks old, it’s a fabulous expression.
There is a card you can get that says “Life would be so much better if only Mother would stop knitting”…

And just to prove that I’m not just picking out the less flattering ones…
Now, dear brother, how much is it worth not to send a link to this post to your colleagues?
I’m sure he never looks at this blog, so he’ll never see these 😉
When we get to my arrival, at least I get to choose all flattering shots!


  • shendy

    I actually meant that it was probably a last big holiday before having a family, rather than suggesting you should have been called Cefalu or Sicily…

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