In, I think, 1959, my father actually got a job – having seemingly managed to put it off until he was 27. It sounds late, but a degree would have taken him to 22, plus another year for a Masters, 2 years working on a PhD and 2 years National Service adds up!
And in fact, it was the only job he ever got – he worked at the same place (for Plessey at the Allen Clark Research Centre at Caswell in Northamptonshire) until he retired.

I’m probably breaking all sorts of rules by publishing these, but I doubt there are any still-secret innovations in a lab almost 50 years ago.
It looks like what I think of as proper chemistry – bell jars and that sort of thing, although there seems to be a disappointing lack of bunsen burners. Interesting to see what looks suspiciously like a car battery in there though!

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