This is from May 1960, and is titled “Piper Equipe, Oxford” – looks like a driver or two had an eventful time at some meeting or other! Unfortunately I’m not good enough to identify the cars, and haven’t yet been able to work out where they’d been racing, or who the guilty drivers were.

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  • Constant Wagner (Luxembourg)

    Photo of May 1960 showing a trailer with 2 cars:
    This is probably taken on 1 May 1960, as Team Piper heads for home after racing both cars at Aintree. The car on the upper deck is a Lotus 16 Climax (chassis #363) of David Piper, who retired at the XV BARC 200 F2 race on 30 April 1960. Car on the lower deck is David Piper’s Lotus 15 Climax, which he raced the same day in the Aintree International sports car race,

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