As promised, here are the pictures from Le Mans in 1959.
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (Phil Hill’s car), photographed at “Pesage”, which I think is scrutineering.

A whole load of Ferraris (250’s and a Dino), also at Scrutineering
An Aston Martin DBR1 – the car that came second (just behind an identical car)
The start – I still can’t believe how close everyone is to the track, and not a safety fence in sight!
Stirling Moss retiring from the race in the evening – another Aston Martin DBR1

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  • Rich T

    Hi Shendy
    Great photo of the Gendebien/Hill Ferrari. (Apparently it overheated in the 20th hour!).
    The DBR1 is my dream car. Had a picture of 5(Salvadori/Shelby) on my wall as a kid.

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