These shots are from the 16th May 1958, at the “A” Company sports day at Arborfield.

The mandatory Tug O War, 5 Platoon.

Quartermaster Wells in the long jump.

“Keith” in the high jump. Is it just me, or is he going to have to be very careful about his landing in order to avoid it being really painful/dangerous? I’ve never seen anyone doing the high jump with a head-first dive before…

Sgts Williams and Clarke, at what is presumably the refreshment area. More of that infernal Watneys!

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  • Allen Williams

    Hello Simon: got here via your BN link!
    “More of that infernal Watneys!” Until the advent of the dreaded Red Barrel (the beer you couldn’t get drunk on because you were sick before you could consume enough), some Watney’s beer was quite drinkable. My first drink in a pub (well, outside in the garden) was a half of Watneys bitter – at the age of 4 bought by my grandfather (summer 1957 therefore). I loved the bitterness: unlike anything I had drunk before. Their Brown Ale was actually quite popular, and very good! Afterwards, I was never very keen on fizzy soft drinks – far too sweet – and insisted on lemonade or ginger beer with the addition of a little bitter, even with my parents, who were not great drinkers. Visits to grandfather in Yorkshire were greatly to be anticipated, because there were always quart glass bottles with the Bakelite screw tops full of delicious John Smith’s Magnet Ale to be had!

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