I’ve started out on the mammoth project of scanning my dad’s photos. I’ve begun right at the beginning with film A001 from Spring 1954, when he was at Imperial College in London.

This one is captioned “debris from party in my room”. From what I can see, that is two bottles of Merrydown cider (1952 vintage no less!), a bottle of dry sherry (students were so much more refined in those days) and two unidentified bottles of god only knows what – given that he was a chemistry student, I dread to think what might have been in them. We asked him about stills once, and he rattled off a comprehensive list of what we’d need – a good 50+ years after being a student.
There is also a film canister and what appears to be a brand new manual for a Kodak Retina camera. I might have to scan this one in higher resolution to see some of the book titles.

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Chris said:
Hi Sim, I’ve shown this to Mum so she is aware of it. She says that the unidentified bottles could be absolute alcohol from the labs. Apparently they used to brew fairly fearsome punch in a bucket. Mum said the resulting concoction was much brighter below the line than above when emptied. She said John did have a Kodak Retina camera. All the best with the project, I look forward to seeing what you find, Chris

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