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Some time travel experimentation

I had an email the other day from a chap called Paul Campbell, who had been looking at the King’s Road photos and had bit of a play with Google Street View – and look what he came up with.
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 20.43.50 Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 11.31.18I’ve seen this sort of thing done before with things like wartime scenes, but these are really cool.

Thank you Paul, and do please let me know if you do any more and I’ll happily share them.


A few months ago I was contacted by the Proud Gallery in Chelsea to ask if they could use some of my dad’s photos in an upcoming exhibition based around Ossie Clark, the 1960’s fashion designer.

I am very pleased to say that from the 21st February to the 10th March, Proud Chelsea will be hosting “Ossie Clark: The King of the King’s Road Reigns Again”, featuring four of my dad’s photos. He would have been thrilled / stunned / gobsmacked to know that some of his pictures are being exhibited alongside the likes of Norman Parkinson’s, someone whose work he most definitely knew and liked.
There’s also a bit about it in Time Out.

The pictures are being made available to buy in a limited edition of 25 each – these are only available via the gallery.

Bentley website

A new website has just gone live, featuring the John Lennon Bentley that my dad photographed on King’s Road in the late 1960s (see previous post). Rather than just focus on the car, the site also looks into the Swinging 60’s scene, and rather wonderfully it features a few of my dad’s photos. Take a look at http://beatlesbentley.com/, and my dad’s pics are in “The Place” and “The Time” sections, including the B&W shots of the car.

Thanks to Tanner and Marshall at the Slaughter Group in Birmingham, Alabama for finding the photos on Google and getting in touch.

King’s Road 1973

Here are the now-traditional shots from King’s Road, from visits in June and July. Some fantastic 1970s fashions, and not just from the ladies!

King’s Road 1972

1972’s photos from the Kings’ Road. Fashions a little different to the 60s…

King’s Road 1971, Part 1

The first of two visits to King’s Road from 1971 – this one from June. The fashions are just a little different to the 1960s aren’t they?

Famous car

July 1968 on the King’s Road – A Bentley S1, registration 222 APL. It was decorated by some bloke who married the flat-mate of our current next door neighbour when she lived in Liverpool. That’s not why I’ve posted this pic – he was slightly more famous for something else. Her name was Cynthia – she married John Lennon…

See this website for a colour image – scroll down a bit.