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London 1976

The other part of the summer holiday was a stay with my dad’s sister in London.

This involved meeting a new cousin (hello Mike!), a trip down the river to Greenwich and the Cutty Sark, London Zoo and a day trip to Brighton.

It has to be said that what the young lady from the beach at Brighton is wearing would probably raise eyebrows now – 36 years later. Well, maybe not in Brighton.

Family, 1975

A few of the family from 1975.

This is my uncle Penry, Mother’s twin brother. In all of the pictures I’ve scanned so far (about 17,500) there are just 9 pictures of him and about 2 decent ones.

These two are cousin Chris.

And this is The Brother in a Hesketh t-shirt – what would that be worth today? I’ve just had a bit of a look and you can get retro Hesketh t-shirts but none of them have the teddy bear in the superman pose.

Family, 1974

And to wrap up 1974, here is the section that the family will have been dreading – the most interesting photos of them from the year.

We’ll start with Mother, looking surprisingly cool in her shades and the evening sun – she’s watching the Caswell Ladies Cricket Team.
Me at the Borough Show in Abington Park, tucking into a hot dog.
I think this is The Brother with my father on the dodgems.

One from London – cousin Chris, me and The Brother.
What’s that? The hair? Yes, I know – you have to remember it was the 1970s.
Me at Midsummer Meadows outdoor swimming pool. Those of you from Northampton who are old enough to remember it will probably have the same memories as me – that water was always bloody cold.
No idea where this was taken, but I’m guessing that the heat of the top that Mother had knitted got too much and I needed cooling down a bit…

Summer 1973

Pics from our summer holiday in 1973 – a trip up north, which will have been to stay with my father’s parents near Hull. We went a bit further north, as well.

The Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough – to be honest, until I saw this I never knew I’d been there.

A couple for any Dr Who fans out there – an exhibition in Stockton-on-Tees. Not sure whether they supplied a sofa to hide behind.

One of me and the Brother with our father – no idea where we are!

A great piece of 1970s fashion sir!

Skidby Mill near hull – I remember going there several times – pretty sure it was a functioning mill. Ah yes, a quick google and here it is.

These last two show a fairly uninspiring set of workings and a bloody great hole in the ground. This building site became the Humber Bridge – there are some more pics to come from 1974, but I’ve never seen the bridge complete.

“The Bittern” at Cottingham Station.

Auntie Susan’s Wedding

The wedding of my Auntie Susan (a title by which she *never* goes) to Peter in February 1972 – which means their 40th anniversary must be coming up soon!

And also a bit of a rarity – a photo of all four of us! Not all in focus, and not all looking at the camera, but it exists!

More of Me and The Brother

Three of me, and one of The Brother looking all thoughtful on a tree.

I have very fond memories of that panda and the one that followed it. The Brother, on the other hand, still has the soft toy dog that’s slightly older than he is – and that’s saying something. If he pays me enough, I may not reveal that it’s called Woof-Woof.

Me and The Brother

Time to post a few more bits and pieces methinks!
Here are a few of me and The Brother in the autumn of 1970 – so I’m 2 and he’s 5.