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France 1982

A few pics from the family holiday in August 1982 – a Eurocamp trip to Benodet and Telgruc in Brittany.
Telgruc was most memorable for being on the side of quite a steep hill, with the “facilities” at the bottom. A night-time trip to the loo was swiftly christened “the long walk”.

"Don't Panic"

“Don’t Panic”

It features an early example of my father’s Fat Frenchman collection, by way of contrast to the numerous bikini-clad young ladies that my father took photos of…

London 1976

The other part of the summer holiday was a stay with my dad’s sister in London.

This involved meeting a new cousin (hello Mike!), a trip down the river to Greenwich and the Cutty Sark, London Zoo and a day trip to Brighton.

It has to be said that what the young lady from the beach at Brighton is wearing would probably raise eyebrows now – 36 years later. Well, maybe not in Brighton.


Whenever we stayed with my father’s parents in Yorkshire, we went to the beach at Hornsea. I don’t remember it ever being particularly warm – let’s face it, the North Sea isn’t known for it’s tropical temperatures.

And I’m so pleased to find this This is one of the machines they use for making rock – I remember being fascinated by the way it span!


It seems like we didn’t spend much time at home that summer – trips up north, London and also a few days in Boulogne. The first trip abroad for me and The Brother.

I just love the one of the grandmother paddling – probably a Sunday? I also like the shot of the beach with what looks like a steelworks in the background!

"Baggy Trousers"

We’re going back in time a bit now – this is from a batch of colour transparencies from the 1930s, which are obviously my grandfather’s. Probably on holiday in Cornwall, somewhere near Fowey.
I can’t imagine any children nowadays being prepared to wear something like that!