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Whenever we stayed with my father’s parents in Yorkshire, we went to the beach at Hornsea. I don’t remember it ever being particularly warm – let’s face it, the North Sea isn’t known for it’s tropical temperatures.

And I’m so pleased to find this This is one of the machines they use for making rock – I remember being fascinated by the way it span!

Humber Bridge

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never seen the Humber Bridge complete. This is what the pylons looked like in 1974.

Summer 1973

Pics from our summer holiday in 1973 – a trip up north, which will have been to stay with my father’s parents near Hull. We went a bit further north, as well.

The Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough – to be honest, until I saw this I never knew I’d been there.

A couple for any Dr Who fans out there – an exhibition in Stockton-on-Tees. Not sure whether they supplied a sofa to hide behind.

One of me and the Brother with our father – no idea where we are!

A great piece of 1970s fashion sir!

Skidby Mill near hull – I remember going there several times – pretty sure it was a functioning mill. Ah yes, a quick google and here it is.

These last two show a fairly uninspiring set of workings and a bloody great hole in the ground. This building site became the Humber Bridge – there are some more pics to come from 1974, but I’ve never seen the bridge complete.

“The Bittern” at Cottingham Station.

"Malham, 1950"

From a trip to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales in 1950, quite possibly Youth Hostelling.
Not really sure where this waterfall is, as a quick Google search for waterfalls in Malham doesn’t come back with anything looking much like this. It would seem that Malham is close to Gordale Scar (it’s not an area I know at all), but there is a different photo that looks like the waterfall there. Any ideas anyone?