Le Mans 1960, part 2

This little selection is from behind the scenes at Le Mans

One of the bars at night

People sleeping in the stand
La Calandre, the small hotel/restaurant where my father stayed. I can’t find any reference to it still being open, but there is a Rue de la Calandre in Le Mans, so I suppose that’s where the hotel was.
And the staff at La Calandre, saying goodbye

3 thoughts on “Le Mans 1960, part 2

  1. Paul McCue

    Off at a tangent, here, but the Hotel de la Calandre (as photographed by your father) was an impotant ‘letter box’ during WW2 for a circuit of Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE). One of SOE French Section’s most successful and courageous agents, Andre Dubois, used the place. The owners, the Braults, were eventually arrested by the Germans. Dubois’s daughter is still alive (he was executed by the Germans) and is coming to England in September – would you mind if I let her have a copy?

    Paul McCue


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