"The Spread"

December 1957 at Arborfield, and what is presumably the Barracks’ formal Christmas dinner – is Barracks the right term? It looks quite an interesting spread, although there’s always you don’t know how much of it is something you might associate with 1950’s military cuisine shaped and dressed up as something nice…

One thought on “"The Spread"

  1. Morwenstow

    Barrack is a word normally used to describe where soldiers sleep, officers live in a mess (very appropriate I hear you say!)a word taken from the days of the Raj.In this case the building looks as if it could be the gymnasium and I agree the Christmas spread looks fabulous which is surprising since it was before the end of National Service and food in the Army was generally regarded as disgusting! I joined the Army in 1959 at the end of National Service and the start of the Regular Army.



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