Summer 1973

Pics from our summer holiday in 1973 - a trip up north, which will have been to stay with my father's parents near Hull. We went a bit further north, as well. The Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough - to be honest, until I saw this I never knew I'd been there. A couple for any Dr Who fans out there - an exhibition in Stockton-on-Tees. Not sure whether they supplied a sofa to hide behind. One of me and the Brother with our father - no idea where we are! A great piece of 1970s fashion sir! Skidby Mill near hull - I remember going there several times - pretty sure it was a functioning mill. Ah yes, a quick google and here it is. These last two show a fairly uninspiring set of workings and a bloody great hole in the ground. This building site became the Humber Bridge - there are some more pics to come from 1974, but I've never seen the bridge...
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My parents' holiday in Normandy in 1972. Not entirely sure where each of these is from. The covered market is from a film labelled "Chartres", but a quick bit of googling suggests it could be Lyons-la-Forêt. I think that the bearded monk is standing on the steps of Chartres cathedral. The ruins are probably Jumieges Abbey. And finally one of the Hovercraft coming into Calais....
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In September 1964, the parents went on a 3-week Club Med holiday to Cefalu in Sicily. I believe that it was on a 3 weeks for the price of 2 end of season deal, and they both had to take some unpaid leave to make use of the third week.There's quite a few photos in this post, but it was a substantial holiday.It was a proper straw hut Club Med affairwith communal dining, out in the open air.There are loads of photos of people water-skiing - strangely, quite a few of them appear to be of bikini-clad young ladies...Interesting seas for swimmingAnd this just looks plain dangerous!Nice view for sunsetsAnd we couldn't finish without a nice colour shot of bronzed 1960's types in bikinis, could we? ...
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