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Le Mans 1960, part 2

This little selection is from behind the scenes at Le Mans

One of the bars at night

People sleeping in the stand
La Calandre, the small hotel/restaurant where my father stayed. I can’t find any reference to it still being open, but there is a Rue de la Calandre in Le Mans, so I suppose that’s where the hotel was.
And the staff at La Calandre, saying goodbye

"Bugs in Bed (5th floor)"

Another from Imperial College. Not a clue what’s going on in this one – it looks to me like someone’s been out on the sauce and has slept it off in the corridor. But, if that was the case, surely he wouldn’t have sheets, blanket and a pillow – not to mention an alarm clock on the window ledge.

Not sure who Bugs was, but judging by some of the captions on other photos, he might have been one of the rowing crowd rather than the drama society. Complete guesswork though, and I imagine we’ll never know the true story!
BTW, sorry for the gap in posting.