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And we’re back…

What do you mean I last posted in March? It wasn’t that long ago, surely? Oops…

Now, where were we? Ah yes, 1961, and it’s Le Mans time again – for the third and final time, my father and his friend Bill went to Le Mans for the 24 hour race.
This, believe it or not, is the start of the race. The drivers have just run over from the bank in the foreground and are just getting into the cars. And yes, the spectators really are that close. The two cars are Aston Martins DB4 GT Zagatos. #4 is Roy Salvadori & Tony Maggs’ car, while #5 is Jim Clark and Ron Flockhart.

This is taken from directly above the pits – the Ferrari garage in this case. This is #10, a Ferrari 250, with Phil Hill getting in.
Night view from above the pits, with Bill watching.
The Salvadori/Maggs Aston Martin, in the process of retiring, 19 hours into the race. There is a sequence of several photos, showing the car coming into the pits, mechanics attending to it as usual, and then the appearance of the rather ominous leak at the back. Then there are shots of concerned mechanics studying the rear end, and finally the car being wheeled back into the garage. Fuel leak apparently.

Le Mans 1960

Some shots from the 1960 trip to Le Mans

I’m sure I’ve made this comment before, but you just know that just out of shot, but still very close by, is someone smoking a cigarette…

The famous Maserati Birdcage – properly known as the Maserati Tipo 61
A pair of Aston Martin DBR1/300’s at the start

Le Mans 1959

As promised, here are the pictures from Le Mans in 1959.
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (Phil Hill’s car), photographed at “Pesage”, which I think is scrutineering.

A whole load of Ferraris (250’s and a Dino), also at Scrutineering
An Aston Martin DBR1 – the car that came second (just behind an identical car)
The start – I still can’t believe how close everyone is to the track, and not a safety fence in sight!
Stirling Moss retiring from the race in the evening – another Aston Martin DBR1